Does no one else realize he didn't actually invert the controls properly? I only noticed because I did the same thing and fought with it for a few minutes before I realized my own stupidity. He inverted the aiming controls but not the camera, it's two different setup schemes you have to change. You never aim during… » 6/28/13 7:23pm 6/28/13 7:23pm

That's funny, I saw them opening for The Black Keys, and as a big Black Keys fan I will say Cage seriously outperformed them. The venue was terrible, but their energy and enthusiasm to be there was amazing. Which flowed when Matthew Shultz (the frontman) did run around the stage, through the crowd, up over the crowd… » 9/13/12 11:35pm 9/13/12 11:35pm

Question to those who own it, I just picked it up but am hesitant to start it. You see my Live account was one caught in the fire of the great FIFA 12 hacking scandal of last week. Therefore my online account is frozen as it's under investigation for "25-30 days" until they give it back to me. So since the Catwoman… » 10/21/11 5:37pm 10/21/11 5:37pm

Just got off the phone with Microsoft with an almost identical situation. I watched my xbox sign out of live and was forced to recover the gamertag as I tried to figure it out. This article suddenly popped into my mind so I checked while I waited. Sure enough, I was suddenly playing FIFA 12 and already spent… » 10/15/11 6:34pm 10/15/11 6:34pm

@PPL(A), night: No, the exercise is a stunt performance called a high alpha pass. Not to mention you're already claiming it's pilot error and he "pooched" it, 2 days after the accident? Ridiculous. "A fairly standard exercise" you claim, and I'm sure he's also flying a "fairly standard aircraft" as well right? » 7/25/10 5:00pm 7/25/10 5:00pm